martes, 11 de julio de 2017

Teaching practicum experience

Hi Mates.! In this ocassion I want to share a nice experience at the school where I am delivering my practice lessons.! First at all, I want to say that I am not an experienced teacher, I have only taught as a substitute teacher in some state round schools, apart from the teaching practicum lessons. 

Today, I delivered my second practice lesson, and I was really surprised. My students were engaged in the topic that I have planned for them ( personality adjectives, Zodiac signs related to facebook and emojis). Although their level of English is elementary, they participated a lot, I could realize that they were interested in the pronunciation of the Zodiac sings and adjectives, so I focus part of the lesson on pronunciation. You need to see their faces when trying to pronounce each word correctly. I felt happy because my students were motivated. They share their personal information, their birthdays and zodiac signs. 

When I decided to become a teacher of English, some people told me that I didn´t have the appropiate personality to be a teacher because I am quite quiet and shy. But I knew that I wanted to become a teacher so I continued. Being a teacher is a wonderful profession. You don´t only teach a subject, you learn from your students and it is really enriching. 

I also want to share this nice quote. I hope you like it. What do you think about teaching and becoming a teacher?

Have a nice week.!! 

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  1. How nice!! what an interesting topic, I've never thought of it!, it's great!!! :D

  2. Great Aldana!! I'm happy you decided to pursue your dream in spite of those discouraging comments.
    And... I love that quote!! It's sooo true!!