martes, 27 de junio de 2017

Exam situations

Hi..!! Well, last week we had a term test of English and its teaching and I must confess that I was very nervous and worried about it. In fact most of the times that I have to sit for an exam I get stressed. No matter if I studied or not, before starting the exam I feel that I know nothing. It is really annoying.

One strategy that I find very useful is preparing summaries of all the topics that I have to study for the exam. I cannot study directly from the photocopies, I need to highlight with markers, write down something to help me or if it is important I use exclamations marks, I need to write what I need to revise.

Another useful tip could be taking notes in class. I use to write what I consider relevant and then when I need to study for an exam, I review and read what I wrote in my notes.

P/D: Don´t feel nervous in an exam and do your best. (I need to continue working on not feeling so stressed jajaja)

jueves, 8 de junio de 2017

Hi everyone.!!! Last class we have been talking about First Language acquisition... We talked about the different stages in acquiring a first Language (cooing, babbling, one word, two word and telegraphic). I want to share a personal experience. My little sister Sofy is 22 months. I have seen her cooing and babbling.. Now she is in one word stage. She says several words such as Mamá, papá, nene, luna, agua, mimi  ( Noemi, my mother's name), torta and pisa (which is pizza but she cannot pronounce zz yet) although she doesn't produce full sentences, she understands everything you tell her. That is the reason why it is so important for children to be exposed to the languague, we need to provide them input. Unfortunately I don't have any video showing how my little sister is acquiring her first language. I hope you like it. See you later.!!!